Part Number 104795 - Personal Basic Lock Out Kit

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Part Number 104795 - Personal Basic Lock Out Kit

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 17, 2017 1:31 pm

Q: For part number 104795 - Personal Basic Lock Out Kit, the description states that this kit includes two keyed alike safety padlocks, part number 99552. Part number 99552 - Keyed Different Safety Locks, stated that they are keyed differently.
Are the locks included in the 104795 created special keyed alike just for that kit or could this be a misprint of which locks are supplied with this kit?

A:The 2 locks are, in fact, keyed-alike, and are created just for this and several other "personal" kits. I believe the catalog #99552 was referenced just to convey what physical lock it is that is included with the kit.

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