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OSHA Posting Board OR3000 Empty OSHA Posting Board OR3000

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:02 am

Part number Y241957/OR3000 OSHA Posting Board is not supplied with the OSHA 3000 cards.

The part number for the record keeping binder is OR323E

The OR305E/Y241956 does come with 1-OSHA Posting Board (OR3000), 1-OSHA Record Keeping Binder & Holder (OR314E), 1-Accident Sign (OR20410), 1-OSHA Info "V" Sign (OR20330), 1 Pad-OSHA 300A Forms (OR300A), 1 Pad-OSHA 300E Forms (OR300E) and 1 Pad-OSHA 3001E Forms (OR301E). OSHA Record Keeping Binder is also sold separately as part # OR323E.

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